Yikes! [UC basketball edition]

Painfully, I endured UC's first half against Memphis on ESPN. Don't think I can watch the rest of it. In two network games this year [kudos to ESPN for shoving the unviewable ESPNU down our throats for the Crosstown Shootout] the Bearcats have gotten waxed. I fully expected this performance this year. A hastily recruited team decemated because of Bob Huggins' firing a year and a half ago meant that Coach Cronin really didn't have a chance this season. But I didn't expect it to feel this embarrassing. They might not make network TV next year at all.

I still think Mick is the right guy for the job, but it'll take another rebuilding season until they make the tourney again. It's just unfortunate that the Enquirer decided to run a front page story yesterday about how the team had a scholarship taken from them because of poor academic performance. The real story here is that the NCAA truly sucks, doesn't care about the students, and is penalized UC because a coach was fired at the beginning of a season. When Huggs got canned six non-seniors left early and it hurts UC's academic standing.

So now not only does Mick have to coach a mid-major level team in the Big East, but his hometown paper is rubbing in the fact that their academics are in trouble too. Ain't it wonderful? Doubt that the fact that this year's team had a 2.88GPA the fall quarter with no one failing a class will make the front page.

Any-woo . . .

UC's more likable in the underdog role. It'll take a little while, but they'll get there.

Postscript 1: if you notice in the new Kaelyn video I'm wearing a Kansas State t-shirt. It's not that I'm one of those die-hard Huggins supporters; it was a present from my father-in-law for Christmas. Xavier sure did take care of K-State last night. Maybe I jinxed them. Good gift, though.

Postscript 2: I did watch part of the second half. It got so bad that they cut away to a Pac-10 games. Yikes, indeed.