Beit Carr Publicity

My neighbor Dustin is a beat writer for Xavier basketball and wrote an article in today's paper about ESPN's hijacking of the Crosstown Shootout. The game has been relegated to ESPNU, which Time Warner Cable does not provide because of the exuberant cost of the channel; this means the majority of Cincinnatians won't be able to watch the game in their homes. He solicited a bunch of quotes for the article and used some words of mine for the article. Apparently I said:

"Honestly, I'm not willing to pay the extra money just to watch my team," UC fan Steve Carr of Walnut Hills said. "Chances are, I'll be at a sports bar watching the game. And if I miss it, I can read about it the next day on the Internet for free."

Not my most eloquent work, but it's the opinion of an average Cincinnati basketball fan.

I think that makes the fifth time I've received pub in a Gannett local paper this year. I had a letter to the editor, a Cin Weekly article, an Echo Church article, a mention in the Mayor's Cabinet, and this one.

I am taking over the city, one sound-byte at a time.