And Now For Something Completely Different

Had lunch last week with friend Dave Little. Dave and I met at the beginning of the year as we endured the Christ Hospital Pregnancy Class with our wives. We sat in the back of the room and constantly lobbed one-liners at the instructor. I think she didn't like us, thus Dave and I instantly clicked. His wife Holly gave birth to little Paige a few weeks after Kaelyn was born. Come to find out, he was works at Crossroads Community Church in Oakley. Dave was in the business sector and left it to join the Crossroads staff, taking on the title of Creative Dude. Dave is a talented designer/artist currently working on a Chickens In Space

Thought I'd tip you off to his blog where he posts sketches. Sketch Ninja is a hodge-podge of his doodles that are varied yet interesting. I've subscribed to the RSS feed; it's a wonderful addition to my Google Reader. Do check it out.