Sunday June 14, 1987 I was rad tonight!

Growing up in a small church sucks sometimes. We go to church 20 minutes from home so none of my friends from school go here. There aren't any good looking girls in the youth group. And we always are going to church. We're there two times on Sunday, on Wednesday Night for prayer, and on Friday Nights for work night. Sometimes I wonder if I'll go to church when i'm older.

But tonight was cool because I got to preach a sermon. We had a Youth Night and I was allowed to preach for the very first time. I wasn't sure what to talk about but I got this idea out of a book that sounded cool. I had a lock box of love and was asking people if certain keys would open it. I had keys like SELFISHNESS and WORK but they didnt work. Then I had a key that labeled GOD and it opened it. And then inside the lock box was a Bible. And I was like, God loves us and he gave us the Bible. IT WAS SO RAD! Nobody wanted to be baptised though.

Someone said I should be a minister someday but that's the dumbest thing ever. I don't want to be a dweeb. I'm going to play football at Ohio State and then go into politics.

Oh, and the Reds beat the Braves today. I hope they win the World Series this year. It sucks that Pete Rose retired last year but he's an awesome manager and will be in the Hall of fame in four years. You can bet on it.

That's all for now. 21 Jump Street is coming on and Johnny Depp is way cool. He might make it far but that Holly Robinson sure will. She's hot. I don't know what a narc is, but maybe I can be one if politics don't work out.