What If I Blogged Then

Next week completes my second year of blogging. It's been a good ride. I've been able to keep at this rather consistently and it has, overall, been an enlightening experience. I'm not sure how long the blogging trend will last [can't imagine that people will still blog twenty years from now] but I'm still satisfied and will keep at it until it's no longer fun.

I like to use the anniversary as an opportunity to switch things up here at Beit Carr. Last year I proclaimed it Steve's Week 'O' Secrets, revealing little known thoughts about myself. This year I decided that I would dig a little deeper and proclaim it "IF I BLOGGED THEN" WEEK.

What if I had been blogging for the past twenty or so years? How would I have reacted to certain important moments of my life? For the next seven days, I'll try to reflect on what I might have written on some of those occasions. It might sound stupid, but that's my schtick so take it or leave it.

It all starts tomorrow, friends. Try to get some sleep tonight.