Who D'oh!

Things aren't looking good in Bengals land. Cincinnati's at 4-4, two games behind the Ravens. If you check out the local media, people are jumping off the bandwagon as if we're hauling anthrax. I'll admit: I'm nervous, but I still think a play-off berth is possible. Both Baltimore and Cincinnati have three games until they play each other again. The Bengals have a more difficult stretch [San Diego, @New Orleans, @ Cleveland] while the Ravens seem to have a cake-walk [@Tennessee, Atlanta, Pittsburgh]. If Cincinnati could sweep these next three, difficult but doable if they're really going to compete for the play-offs, then they're right there. I would doubt the Ravens will go undefeated in that span [a five-game winning streak?] which would make the Thursday night against Baltimore in Cincy a chance for the Bengals to equalize in the division.

I know, sounds like a lot to happen, but this is still the modern-day NFL. Parity reigns supreme. There's always a sure-fire team that fails to make the play-offs [I think New Orleans]. And there's always be a team that everyone writes-off that makes it there [re: Cincinnati]. I'm cracking up that all these people are ready to bail on the Bengals. They haven't played a consistent game all year. They're due. If they can bust one open next week against play-off bound San Diego, then it'll get things rolling.

Ye of little faith.