One Reason The City Is Better Than Mason

Jennifer Miller, a Mason school board member is demanding that a couple Muslim students observing a Ramadan fast not be allowed to stay in a separate room during the lunch hour. Ironically, the two Muslim boys never used the separate room, choosing to go to the library instead. So the non-issue becomes an issue. Miller's quoted as saying, "We are a Christian nation, not a Muslim nation. Our Christian values have declined and yet we allow other faiths besides Christianity to have precedence in our schools."

Yes, friends, this is the biggest problem in Mason, Ohio. This lady is totally delusional. Just a few reasons why:

1) In my three years living there I heard of tens, if not hundreds, of incidents where Mason schools played favorites for students and particular issues. But Miller wants to single out some Muslim kids [who I'm sure aren't singled out because of their faith anyway] because that's obviously what Jesus would want. I'm sure they'll be way more open to the Christian faith now that you've warmed them up to it.

2) We aren't a Christian nation. This topic is an entire post in of itself. And even though some of you would deny this, it's the truth. Judeo-Christian values were centric to the development of our country's laws but that doesn't make us Christian. Slavery was part of our history for almost 100 years. That's the kind of thing a Christian nation would do, huh? The minute we realize this, the better we're able to live out our faith in America.

3) It isn't as if Muslims are the only faith group given preferential treatment in our schools. Living on the westside, attending a public school, I hated the cafeteria on Fridays; all they served was fish. This wasn't a coincidence, as they were helping Catholics adhere to their regulations of their faith. And what public high school that you know has classes on Good Friday or Christmas?

4) Miller may be correct when she asserts, "our Christian values have declined." 'Tis true. When believers roll around in Hummers, vacationing in tropical locations, maintaining million dollar homes, worshipping their children, all while ignoring the issues of the poor and needy- perhaps our values are in need of reevaluation. Oh yeah, I went there.

Don't get me wrong: I loved our years up in Mason; I have many wonderful friends living up there who are doing all they can to live for Christ as best as they can. But there are a lot of people like Miller in Mason who are less concerned about living a life of true Biblical discipleship than they are about dwelling in a Christian nation. Maybe that's why our values are lagging behind.

No, I'm good right here, thank you.