I really want to leave an intelligent blog post. Honestly I do. But I just can't; it's just not there right now. I'm not quite sure why. I suspect it's because my mind has been all over the place the last couple of days. I've been deep in thought. Thinking about a lot of things recently, such as . . . - Why won't people at least try raising their kids in the city? - Hospitals are boring. - I'm typing pretty well right now but it has nothing to do with the dirt on my typing hand. - Kaelyn having a cold is the saddest thing since she had IV tubes in her head. - "Doppelganger" is the new "plethora." - I might watch 24 this season. A two-year hiatus is enough. - If a politician would use a political attack ad to call their opponent a "filthy whore" I would vote for them in a heartbeat. Until then, I refuse to pay attention. - My brother's in Mexico. Will he bring back some Cubans? - Remember the Seinfeld when Kramer has Jerry bring back Cubans from Florida? - I don't need a car to parallel park for me, thank you. - How will we look at Iraqi War vets in twenty years? - Throwing the long ball on 4th and 1? Ballsy. - My wife is freaking awesome. - If Madonna wanted to adopt me I don't think my father would mind. - Why did we skip fall and go straight to winter? - If 30 Rock isn't good tomorrow, I'm writing it off. - William Tyndale doesn't get enough credit today. - I could shop at Lowe's everyday. - "Take heart, son, your sins are forgiven."

That's all I've got.