Elbow Rubbing

Just in case you're curious, I have a new title. I am now the Chair of the Parents and Young Families Committee of the Cincinnati Mayor's Young Professional Kitchen Cabinet. I think it'll take two sides of a business card to fit all that.

I put in a resume for this new group that Mayor Mallory was gathering to act as a sounding board and made it on; he's looking for some ideas from a demographic the city has struggled to maintain. I was told that I was the only member of the faith community to apply for a position, so I think I'm the token minister. The committee's job is to explore what isn't being done and what should/could be done to make it a better place. I'm passionate about Cincinnati and think this will be a great opportunity to make some connections that should benefit our church.

We'll see how it works out. I've already had a couple meetings about it this week and will have a few more in the week to come. My first executive committee meeting with the mayor and twelve others felt like an episode of the Apprentice with me playing the role of the guy who gets voted out first. It's a relaxing feeling to be a room with a bunch of go-getters and not feel the need to be overtly impressive. While everyone else was wearing their suits and power ties, I had a blazer, untucked button shirt, and denim jeans. I'm so Gen X. They can't handle the truth.

Even made today's paper. You can check it out here.