A Brand New House

This is where things get confusing. Beit Carr is now more than a blog; it's a full website for the Carr household. For those of you getting my posts via RSS feed, you noticed nothing new. And if you access this blog via beitcarr.blogspot.com you missed it as well. But for those who type in houseofcarr.com, you've seen the changes. At houseofcarr.com you can get some extra info and pics of me, Kelly and Kaelyn. I'm also going to try to put up some short family video clips to keep people interested. It's a work in progress, but I'm excited about what we've got so far.

Thanks to Brian Coates for helping me get this up and running. The site design was all done in iWeb for Mac and was extremely simple. Not sure how it looks in other browsers, but let me know if you notice anything.

So from now on, if you just want the blog, go to beitcarr.blogspot.com [do yourself a favor and get an RSS reader like Google's]. If you want the full enchilada, go to houseofcarr.com.

Good night, now.