9 Minus 9 = Dead Kitty

Ah, the weekend that was. So many good things happening but what to share today? How about the tail [pun intended] of the slain kitty? I will warn you that animals were harmed during the creation of this blog post, so some of you might want to skip this one altogether. But I must tell the story, nonetheless. Played a little flag football on Saturday morning with some people I met through our soccer league. After the game, I returned home and parked my car on the street. I walked around the back of the car, took some items from the passenger side, and went up to the condo. As I walked in, Kelly asked if I could hold Kaelyn so she could get something upstairs and I obliged. After a couple of minutes I stood up and peeked out the front windows to notice a dead feline laying in the grass area by my car door.

I knew I didn't run down Garfield, but I asked to Kelly to confirm my case; Kel is able to see me pull up and would've noticed if I had run over the cat. She said wasn't guilty. And I knew the cat wasn't there when I got out of the car because I would've remembered walking over a kitty corpse.

This left me in a bind: it was still morning but soon the sun would be shining on the cat; leaving it there wouldn't be a good idea. And I knew that calling the city wouldn't bring a response until Monday [if it all]. It was up to me to give the cat a proper burial.

Going outside I confirmed that the cat had been run down. And I could tell that the tire tracks didn't match my own, so again I would be innocent in a court of law. But the whole thing didn't make sense. How did the cat get there? I can't imagine someone would've run it down, get out of the car, picked it up, and threw it by my car door [although the North Koreans are doing crazier things now a days]. I would have to think that the cat was hit and managed to make it to the other side of the road before breathing its last. That's one determined cat.

Because of the cat's moxie, I decided to name it Gilbert, for the street it attempted to traverse before it died.

I won't divulge the specifics, but services were held this past Saturday with burial by the city of Cincinnati's Solid Waste Management Department.

We never knew you, Gilbert, but we're sure you were a swell cat. If only you knew how crosswalks worked, you might still be with us today.

You will be missed.