Money drives the world. And people will do whatever they can to get their hands on it. Case in point: I just had a person knock on my door [better than kicking it in] with a petition in hand. "How are you doing Mr. Carr," she began, entering into her spiel and I stopped her.

"How do you know my name?" I asked. "I have a list here," she showed me and I glanced down to see it was the Issue 3 petition; that's the gambling issue in Ohio.

Before she said another word I told her, "Sorry, I'm very angry about this issue and there's no way I'm signing your petition" [read my previous rant here]. She seemed a little surprise but I did tell her it was nothing personal as I know that this lady is just a hired petition collector; she's trying to make a living and doing the best that she can. Too bad she's being used by a group that cares nothing about her but is drooling over the millions they could rake in if this issue passed.

We're almost a month away from election day and these turds looking to profit from legalized gambling have pulled out all the stops. Do you realize the investment that it takes to send petitioners door-to-door? It's not cheap. And not to mention that they're doing it here in Walnut Hills which, overall, is an impoverished, undereducated part of town. That's tacky.

I think they're screwed. That's why it's come to this.

BTW, one of the more interesting things I've learned about this issue is while the proponents' website is, the opposition was able to acquire Genius.