It Must Be Said

I think this year's Bengals schedule is one of the toughest I've seen in the NFL . . . maybe ever. Prove me wrong. The Raiders and the second Browns' game are probably the only gimmies left. The Buccaneers are gripping but they're at home. And I know it's early, but six of the current undefeated's are on Cincy's schedule. I do believe they'll step up and win Sunday. Pittsburgh isn't that good this year. Unfortunately, these latest injuries will cost Cincinnati. They'll definitely miss Dexter Jackson at safety. Kevin Kaesviharn: coolest player name while lacking the most talent. Please prove me wrong, Kev: stop tackling high and wrap up those legs this week.

If the Bengals do win, I think they'll pull off New England at home, giving them a 4-0 record at the bye week. Every national analyst proclaimed they should be 1-3 after the first few games.

And if that happens, this city will go nuts. Even in '88 the hype wasn't anything like it is now; it picked up steam at the end of the season whereas this town has Bengal fever.

The Steelers might think, "We 'Dey," but this week they'll be wishing they "Were 'Dey."