Loving Life

Great Weekend including . . . -Loving the little girl who was full of smiles and staring at me. -Admiring the wife and her sexy haircut [TMI?] -Winning two play-off soccer games, scoring a couple goals and posting two scoreless halves while in goal. -Enjoying dinner at a Roy Rogers Restaurant near Eastgate on Saturday. I think it's the only one left in the city. If you've never eaten there, the food is worth the trip, but the ambiance leaves everything to be desired. -Delighting in a night-time walk at the Lunken Airport park. -Watching the Bengals take the Browns to the woodshed this afternoon [Sorry Evan, Mike, and Aaron]. -Bragging about my fantasy baseball team coming through, putting me in the finals. -Participating in a great worship service tonight, with four more first-time guests.

All this and gearing up for fall, best season ever. Fall rocks. Like I said, loving life.