Bringing Sanity Back

Couldn't locate a link on this, but I saw a news story on TV this morning showing Justin Timberlake spending some time this past week with a middle school music class. They were having a great time singing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" [spelled it right on the first attempt, by the way]. What a great moment for the former Mouseketeer. But what a horrible moment for the rest of us.

It was one of the dumbest thing I've ever seen. If Kaelyn is in that middle school class, I get ticked. I don't want her taking vocal tips from the guy who's current single states, "Baby, I'm your slave. I'll let you whip me if I misbehave." Not quite the lyrics that you'll find in a Disney movie, unless there's some Winnie the Pooh remark to Eeyore that I'm unaware of. And this isn't even bringing up his admitted pot-smoking and defrocking of Janet [Miss] Jackson [if you're nasty].

Here's the deal: there are times when celebrities disqualify themselves from being viable mentors for children. Sorry, Madonna, you can't come into a kindergarten class and read your children's books to them. You did Justify Your Love, so you're done for. Notice that Monica Lewinsky isn't hosting a Nickelodeon show, nor does Ron Jeremy run a preschool. There's a reason for it. Previous stupidity can be forgiven but not forgotten. So whoever decided it would be a good idea to let Mr Cameron Diaz [or the ex-Mr Cameron Diaz, if that's how it is] into their school should have their head examined.

I'm not saying JT doesn't have the right to sing about sexy backs, but he shouldn't surprised when he's not asked to be President of the PTA.