The Day After

I've been doing a lot of reflection throughout the day, all these thoughts following up our relaunch, in addition to this being 9/11. Kelly will tell you that I'm a little bit obsessed about all things September 11th. It was one of those generational forming moments and it happened in the midst of a media society. It was the first world shaping moment that was witnessed in real time. So I was up early this morning watching all the memorial tributes taking place. So dwelling on the tragedy while trying to comprehend what happened last night was difficult. Kelly and Kaelyn took a walk while a messed around with the podcast [still a little rough around the edges. This weeks isn't easy to listen to, but I think we've finally figured it out]. I picked them up in the park and went out to get some lunch.

As Kelly and I talked, we were both in a haze; planning months for a singular event means some sort of let-down will follow. I was ecstatic with how things went last night and thrilled with meeting some new people, but you always tend to think there would be a few more. But that's where your mind can start leading you astray. All that work wasn't for just one event. We've been planting seeds that could take years to take root. Patience is the key.

So reflecting on last night, it was everything it needed to be. It was a new beginning. It was a great experience. And just a couple hours ago I got a call from someone who received a mailer and was unable to attend yesterday; they said they'd be there this week. It's crazy.

Maybe this is the best way to explain it: I've never really had to approach a job or project that seemed to have no clear ending. And that's what starting Echo has been like. You can't get too high, you can't get too low because tomorrow's another day.

And next week we're playing the Browns so it can't be that bad.

A couple of pictures for ya. Many thanks to my father-in-law who came up to take pictures. And Bev watched Kaelyn so Kelly and I were free to get things done.

Her Daddy IS a rock star, no?

The fake palm tree makes for a Caribbean motif.

People always look cooler as cartoons.