It's Time

For months I've been staring out this countdown on my Dashboard: As you can see, it's finally under twenty-four hours. It's crazy to think that by this time tomorrow we'll finally know what we're working with. We're ready . . . well, as ready as we can be with all the unknown variables that exist.

I guess you could say this is what I've been working toward my entire life. Starting tomorrow it gets very real. As I reflect on where God has taken me in the past twelve plus years- books read, seminars attended, messages listened to- I'd say it's about time. I used to have a background on my desktop that had the following quote, "Learn while you can so you can lead when you must." I done learn'd all I could. Time to lead.

Honestly, I'm not too nervous. It's not cockiness; it's a peace that God has given me. The reality is, tomorrow is just another Sunday. We plan on spending decades in the city doing ministry so, no matter how tomorrow goes, it's just another blip on the radar. Whatever happens will be a blessing.

And plus, I'm grateful that God has blessed me with perspective. A few years ago I don't think I could be this laid back. But fatherhood has done it for me. Kelly, Kaelyn and I went out this afternoon to the Rockwood area in Norwood. And this was what the daughter and I wore:

It was awesome [even more so since it looks like the Bucks have Texas beat]. No matter what happens tomorrow, that little girl is still gonna smile at me. My life is complete regardless of what happens to me professionally. It don't get much better than this.

I get to preach the Word tomorrow. Praise God.