Dynamic Duo

Special thanks to Tim Tucker for helping me with some errands today. Tim's been a great friend and is always there whenever I need him. We made a trip to Lowe's this afternoon to get some items for the relaunch. After scouring the aisles and finding what we needed we walked out the door with a full cart. As we made our way across the parking lot, I glanced towards the nearby Biggs and saw some security guards running at full speed straight towards us. Apparently the shoplifter they were chasing thought he got away until he did a double take a started running towards Tim and me. I casually asked Tim, "are we getting involved?" to which he responded, "Yeah." So it was go time.

Tim cut off the first aisle and I moved to the next one. When the guy saw Tim, he cut across the next aisle. Then he looked up and made eye contact with me and went on to the next aisle. This slowed him up enough that the security guys caught up to him and plowed him into the side of a parked U-Haul. As we drove out of the lot they were handcuffing the guy with his face driven into the ground.

Everywhere I go lately it seems that trouble is finding me. At least there's never a dull moment. Tim said that we were just like Batman and Robin. I'm not sure which one was which. Either way I guess I'm wearing tights.