Bite Me, Satan

A tad too graphic? Perhaps. But it's how I feel right now. Tonight at about 7:45 I left Kelly and Kaelyn on the main floor and went down to get a drink from the kitchen. I heard a crash from upstairs and asked Kelly if she was OK. Kelly thought it was me making the commotion and went to the front door to observe some kicking in our door. She screamed and I ran upstairs to see the guy still there kicking at the door. I yelled at him and he stopped and walked away. I didn't have shoes on, otherwise I'm sure I would immediately headed out after him. The man, probably in his late forties, proceeded to walk down the stairs and head up the street nonchalantly. I immediately called the police and, by the time I hung up, headed outside unable to find the guy.

I don't know why I called the police first instead of taking off after the guy. I think it's cause I was first worried about Kel and Kaelyn and didn't want to freak them out. In retrospect, I think it was all for the best. It was still light outside as the guy tried to break-in, so he must've been on something to try a stunt like that. A few minutes later an officer showed up and proved to be little help at all. Most likely, I'll have to get the door replaced because the dude cracked it. I'm just thankful that I had the dead bolt locked. I've been in the habit of not locking it until it gets dark.

Just this past week I was dwelling on our urban mission. I'm constantly selling our vision to everyone we meet. It's not like I even think about it anymore; it's a part of me. Then something like tonight happens and sets itself up like a roadblock to that vision. The number one mission in my life is the safety of my wife and daughter. Honestly, if Kelly couldn't do this I would instantly choose our marriage over Echo. But she was the champ. She too admitted that for an instant she had a doubt, but that her mind instantly reaffirmed that's why we're needed here.

God has continually taken care of us in every aspect of our lives since we've come here. As much as I want to entertain the doubts He just won't let it happen. And I'm glad. We're not going to let some schlep scare us away from doing what we need to be doing in this city.

So now I just need someone or something to blame. I could blame this tool kicking at my door but he was most likely hopped up on some drug and probably was never given a chance in life. I could blame sinfulness and the fall of man, but sin doesn't really have an identity and I need a target. That's why, just this once, I'm going to jump on the evangelical bandwagon and blame Satan. I think Satan gets a lot of undeserved blame, and I might be adding to it. But still, I'm going to hurl some more at him so I have an object of scorn here. Hence, Bite me, Satan.

We're not going anywhere. And we're going to change this city, whether you like it or not.