Oh What A Night!

Thanks to the Duebbers for a splendid time down at the old ballpark. Of interest to us was the guy in the first row with a circa 1992 haircut who decided to stand the entire game while urging all others to do the same [and I must note that despite his limitless enthusiasm for the Redlegs, he was at the game wearing forest green]. Oh, and the game was great too. The Reds scored two touchdowns and the defense made a goal-line stand to keep em scoreless. Add that the Cards blew a 7-1 lead and the Reds are just one place out of first. Excellent. This team drives me crazy, but I do love them.

And special thanks to Aaron and Dorota who watched the little girl while we went out and enjoyed the game. I was with her all day and was a little suspicious because she went 12 hours without the need for a diaper change. Of course, we leave and she explodes. Atta' girl.

This is just one of those nights that I sit here unable to erase the smile from my face. Life is good.