What I'm Listening To

Since we've made the effort to become more fiscally responsible during this stage of the new church, I haven't bought much music recently. Thanks to Kay and Ann who hooked my up with the awesome iTunes card, I got a good collection of songs earlier this year. Downloaded some Franz Ferdinand and Green Day from that. Too cool. Just this last week, ordering some commentaries for our Matthew series at Echo, I also nabbed a CD from Amazon. It was one I've been tracking for awhile and was stoked to finally get: Lauryn Hill's Unplugged. I caught the performance on MTV a couple of years ago and was mesmerized. Taking her voice, backing it up with an acoustic guitar [which she play surprisingly well], and letting her unleash raw lyrics makes for a compelling listen.

Some of her fans expressed bitterness towards this album because it was nothing like her wildly popular Miseducation [if some one has a copy of this, let me know because I'd really like to listen to that now as well], but this recording shows how incredibly talented she really is.

Dang. She's so cool. ____________

One more thing, a good friend of mine heard a rumor that Lauryn made some inappropriate statements a few years back. Did a little research and discovered it was urban legend material. If curious, check it out here.