I'm not the highest of tech-techies, but I know there are some people who read my blog that could use a little help now and then when it comes to the world-wide web. So I thought I'd do a world-wide post to end the week and drop some knowledge. 1) Firefox Trust me, there is no better internet browser than Mozilla's Firefox. When I was on staff at the megachurch, the IT guy didn't like it and forbade us from having it on our computers. I would go to great lengths to hide it from him because it was that good. Why did I like it so much? The ability to open articles in tabs at the top of your browser. So when you're going through your favorite news site, instead of clicking all around, just open up any articles you want in tabs by right-clicking. I have a bookmark tab I've labeled "morning." First thing I do on my computer each day is click the bookmark, open all the links in tabs, and do my morning reading. Do yourself a favor and download it now. You'll see. It's what they call, "awesome."

2) Myspace OK, it still sucks but it's a necessary evil because I've been able to use it as a vehicle to reconnect with quite a few people I've lost track of. So now that my wife's signed up, as well as Echo Church, here are some tips to help out with it.

Now that you've got Firefox download an app called Greasemonkey so you can get rid off all the crappy media that slows down your Myspace viewing. It's fully explained here.

The biggest problem I have with Myspace is the near-porn ads they put all over the site. It scares me that all these guys are exposed to half-naked women whenever they surf. And I'm sure it annoys many a woman as well. Go download the Firefox extension Adblock, again follow the directions here and VOILA! No more hoochie-mamas! It makes Myspace much more tolerable.

3. RSS feeds. You've heard it from me before. If not, reread here. Scroll to the bottom for the pertinent info.

4. Interesting Websites: Wikimapia: combine Wikipedia with Google Maps, and this is what you get. Digital Whiteboard: Another way to waste time. Free High-Res Photos: Many of these are awesome. I downloaded quite a few.

Do share and let me know anything interesting you've found.