Everyday Love

Yes, Kelly and I were married eight years ago today. And how do we celebrate such a date? Sitting in front of the television watching Rockstar: Supernova, plugging away on our laptops, all while flinging Kaelyn around to make her laugh.

Can you say romantic?

Now in my/our defense, we had the chance to go out on Saturday night as Kelly's parents watched Kaelyn. It was rather enjoyable. But no cards today. We both forgot until mid-morning that this was actually the date. A lot of people are critical of me when, on major "relationship" holidays, I don't make a big deal out of it. It's almost as if people take delight when saying, "Ooooh, you're gonna get it!"

But I don't care. They're wrong.

One of the reasons the past eight years has gone so well for us is because Kelly and I are a lot alike. We enjoy the daily moments we're able to spend together, the intelligent conversation, the loving attitude not reserved for romantic holidays. So when it comes to days like this, we can go on like it's any other day because we've banked up enough love to last. I'll admit it's not like every holiday's a free pass. I made a big deal out of Kel's first Mother's Day to make is special. And every once in awhile we get each other cards. And once a President, I buy her flowers.

And she still loves me. Cause we're cool like that. I call it our everyday love.

Thanks for making the last eight years wonderful, Kel. Let's go for eighty.