Welcome To The Terrordome

Alright! The new Echo website is up and operational. Matt and the guys at Factor 1 rocked it. A few things to point out:

1) It is flash-based, so you might need to get a download to view it properly. A bonus for us is that the content management on it is also flash-based, which means no messing with html to change the pages.

2) Normally we'll stream music on the site. I just have to get some uploaded.

3) There are still a couple of tweaks to be done, so you can check it out later on and see subtle alterations.

4) Our hosting is done through good friend [and newlywed] BCoates at hostacular. I can get you info if you'd like.

5) Everything but the home page is my photography. Just bragging.

You can give feedback but I love it and we're sticking with it regardless.