No Joke

It's a slow TV night, as most Friday's are, so I was using the channel guide on our digital cable box to see what other shows would be on later. I flipped over to A&E, hoping to see if Dog The Bounty Hunter would be on later, and laughed when I saw the following show would be showing in a couple hours. Cleavage: Mankind's fascination with breasts.

Keep in mind that this is A&E and it's supposed to be a documentary.

There are probably some compelling facts that needed to be shared about this subject, in addition to some historical background, so much so that it necessitated a two-hour installment.

After laughing uncontrollably, I asked Kelly to imagine the board meeting that had to happen at A&E's headquarters last year so this show could air. I'm sure it went something like this:

A&E President: "OK, now let's work on the summer line-up. Friday nights are slow, so we need to be really creative with our ideas. Executive #1: "How about another reality show?" A&E President: "That's all we got on the network now! Dig deeper." Executive #2: "How about another wedding show?" A&E President: "Are you kidding me? We're already airing fifteen of them." [Meanwhile, the janitor enters boardroom to empty out trash.]. Executive #3: "How about a redecoration show?" Executive #4: "Something with Hasselhoff?" A&E President: "You guys are killing me. It's all crap! We need shows that people want to watch. You there," [motions to the janitor] "what kind of thing do you think people want to see on TV?" Janitor: "Breasts?" A&E President: [Pauses] "Great idea. Let's get a documentary crew together and get someone on it." [To the executives] "Why can't you guys think more outside the box?"