Here . . . Ace!

Never had a hole-in-one. I holed out a 150 yard shot for a birdie before [bad tee shot], but that's about it. USA Today had an article about holes-in-one today, and how rare it is to get one. Amateurs have a 1-in-12,500. It talks about celebrities and presidents who have holed out with on swing and it offers up this gem:

"The North Korean Ministry of Information claims that dictator Kim Jong Il had 11 holes in one — in his first round."

Interesting, huh? Maybe this explains it: "Other North Koreans could soon get the same thrill. The par-3 14th at Diamond Country Club in the Geumgang Mountains will have a concave-shaped green that guarantees an ace for any tee shot that lands on the green. 'The green won't be used every day,' course designer Chang Gi-dae told South Korea's Chosun Ilbo newspaper. 'We plan to use it on special days or for special people.'"