Digital Playground

When I have my day off with Kaelyn, I quickly figure out what tasks I can accomplish with a fifteen pound five-month-old in my hands. For instance, since there are times when she's fussy or needs a bottle that can only be done when I'm standing, watching television is a must. Fortunately, we have cable, so I spent a couple of hours watching Dog The Bounty Hunter. Heard good things about it, but I never watched it until today. It was rather entertaining. I might have to make it a frequent view.

While holding Kaelyn it's tough to work on the laptop, unless it requires no typing. Usually that means surfing the web to read my RSS feeds. But today I felt motivated to mess around with my Adobe Photoshop Elements software.

Photoshop Elements is the less frills, cheaper version of regular Photoshop, but it still allows you to kick some serious butt. I had the program a few months before I started to learn it and used today as a chance to experiment and see what I could do.

Thought I'd share, so here's some of the stuff I came up with:

Union Terminal

Fort Washington Way on-ramp

Cincinnati Skyline

Dan Beard Bridge

More later.