I Cannot Tell A Lie:

Right now, I'm watching Pee Wee's Playhouse on Comedy Central. Before there was Sponge Bob, there was Pee-Wee. A quick synopsis of what's going on:

-The foil ball is huge.

-The goalie from the movie The Mighty Ducks is on. But he's like 7 years old.

-A pre-Neo Laurence Fishburne is Cowboy Curtis.

-A pre-SNL Phil Hartman is Captain Carl [RIP].

-A scene with Tito, the lifeguard of Pee-Wee's pool, made me feel icky.

-The King of Cartoons is a fascist dictator.

-Wonder what happened to Penny during the recession?

-Randy, the bully, is doing ten to twenty in the state pen for stabbing a guy.

-And the secret word is "door."

I believe, in the next episode, he leads a field trip to a movie theatre in East LA.

No wonder so many in my generation reverted to pot. It's probably the only way that this show makes any sense.

"Mecka-lecka-hi, mecka-hinee-ho."