Wha-chu Gonna Do?

Define "irony."While getting ready to go to bed, I'm hoping to catch the late version of Best Week Ever on VH1. Instead, they're playing a behind the scenes look at Cops. While the infamous theme music is playing, I hear sirens coming over Kaelyn's baby monitor. I glance out the window to see this:

Eight cop cars, officers with guns drawn, ordering the suspect to come out. I grab Kaelyn out of her nursery, hand her to Kelly in our room, and then grab a camera so I can digitally gawk.

You can't see it well, but it's an older Cadillac with what appears to be a mattress on top. Not quite sure what was going on but the guy must've had an accomplice because, within seconds, all but two of the police cars left and zoomed back up the street.

Even more entertaining than the TV show.