My Two Kids

Weekend's over, so it's about time a write a post. Had a great first Father's Day Weekend, and I was ready to charge into this week with a fervor, but Kaelyn had other plans. Our Monday together was rather arduous, as she had no interest in doing anything but crying and vomiting. Mostly vomiting. By the time Kelly came home today, my green shirt was tinted in several areas with semi-digested milk. Happy Father's Day indeed. Right now I'm sorta preoccupied with numerous details of the Echo relaunch. Our website is being redesigned [it will look stunning], we're retrofitting the sanctuary at Walnut Hills Christian Church with new sound and video capabilities, and we're praying that our direct mailing will reach people who need to be a part of a community like Echo. I have a countdown on my Mac that informs me we're only 82 days away. I still feel like there's a ton of things to do, none of which are very pastoral.

With all these tasks, it's easy forget that I'm actually a pastor; my main focus is supposed to be on people. I did get to talk to some people this weekend that I've been trying to build relationships with [living here these past ten months is starting to pay off]. And we had a good group of visitors yesterday at church. I had a great week of talking with people about Echo and what we're trying to accomplish. That's why, sometimes, that to-do list ticks me off. I feel like it's pulling me away from my goal.

But then again, I realize that these tasks are all about people. We're trying to create an environment for worship where people can come and encounter God. Without the website and the mailings, people won't know that we exist. Without the audio/visual equipment, people who attend might struggle to see/hear the message. Without the structures in place for volunteers and administration, we won't be able to keep Echo going. In reality, it's all about people. I just get bogged down in the tasks and lose sight of the importance of getting them done.

How 'bout I bring this full circle: I want to raise my daughter to become the most incredible woman of God this world has ever seen. I want to teach and rear her so that she'll make wise decisions and make an impact in this world. It might not seem like it, but cleaning up her spittle actually contributes to that goal. Doing the little things to take care of her contributes to the larger goal. It's tough to remember that, especially when I reek of "eau de lactose," but I'm sure it makes a difference. Just like getting all these pre-re-launch tasks completed.

Plus, and this might sound crazy, but I almost view Echo as a child of mine. I feel like God has made me responsible for it, just like a parent. If I want it to mature into an acceptable representation of the bride of Christ, then I should eat up these little tasks.

While I was writing this, Kaelyn proceeded to throw up all over her freshly changed outfit. I wasn't holding her at the time, so I escaped unscathed. I'm sure there will be time Echo will puke all over me too. I just need to keep a burp cloth nearby to clean up the mess.

And I won't wear dark colors. The stains show up more when I do.