Perfect Strangers [emphasis: strange]

A couple of weeks ago, my buddy Aaron Levering came down to Cincy to speak at a men's banquet at my home church. Aaron and I were roommates in college for two [non-consecutive] years. It was great to catch up with him.

After school he went down to minister to a small church outside Williamstown, Kentucky. There he met his wife Tia, and promptly moved to a small town outside of Oklahoma City to preach. Most recently, they moved to a church in Richmond, Indiana. They have two boys, with one baby on the way.

Aaron and I are total opposites: He's a Browns fan, I'm a Bengals fan. He's a small-town guy, I love the city. He's less filling, I'm tastes great. Despite all of our differences, we had [and still have] one thing in common: the love of preaching. All throughout school, we talked about our craft and how we would use it. It's cool to know that we both have been able to stick with it. Whereas Aaron had the guts to take small town preaching jobs, I waited until Echo [seven years post college] to finally get started doing it.

So here's to you Aaron. And I'm thankful that Kelly doesn't have the same Marvin the Martian obsession that you had.