Go West, Young Man

Had a great time tonight with the youth group of Impact Church. Jason Bast [shout-out to his wife Jennifer who wasn't there but is a regular Beit Carr reader] invited me to come back to my homeland and speak to his kids. I couldn't turn down the opportunity to return to the westside to impart some homegrown wisdom on my brethren [and sistern?]It was awesome to see such a diverse group of teens; everyone is welcome there, no matter what "clique" they belong to. And everyone who comes into the group gets a nickname such as Tree, Bouncy-ball, or Squirrel Hair. The kids are then forever known by those names. So tonight, whenever I introduced myself to one of the teens, they always responded by telling me their nickname. Sounds crazy, but it was rather entertaining. And the kids love it. I'm sure, if I'm ever invited back, there'll be twice as many kids there. It could be because everyone wants to be like Larry. Or it could be because the westside rocks. Or maybe it'll be because of God. You decide.

Plus, I had a great conversation afterwards with a girl named Adrienne. She lives in Clifton, just graduated from Walnut Hills High School, and will be attending a prestigious university out east this fall. It was encouraging to meet an articulate Christian young lady whose parents raised her in the same environment in which we'll raise Kaelyn. It made me smile.

All in all, it was time well spent. Good stuff.