There's still 25 minutes left in the match, and I'd love to have to eat these words, but this is the worst US performance I've seen in 8 years [including the '98 in France where the US didn't win a game]. This was supposed to be the best US team ever assembled for a Cup, but they looked pitiful. DeMarcus Beasley was atrocious and Landon Donovan was invisible. There was no offense being generated from the wings, and the Czech's held strong in the middle. Pathetic. If they play like this throughout group play, they won't win a game.

Postscript: Yes, we ended up losing 3-0. Yikes. It was nice to hear Coach Bruce Arena echo my thoughts about Donavan and Beasley. With Italy beating Ghana 2-0, there's still a chance that we could advance to the next stage. But I watched their game and I'd be absolutely shocked if they pulled off two wins. It's all really too bad because this result is going to play right into the hands of American media's bias against the sport. I will give the post-game quote of the day to Woody Paige at ESPN who said, "The United States still might not have won a [World Cup] soccer match on European soil, but at least we won two wars there."