MTV Movie Awards

I watch these award shows because they're a great way to get a pulse on pop-culture. And I do like to share, so I feel it wasn't wasted time. I guess the main observation of the night [shocker here]: sex still sells. I can't wait for the year when Amish is in. A secondary observation: MTV has no idea what their demographic is. While they wheel out all these teeny-boppers, they still put Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey, and Keanu Reeves out there. It's confusing. They either need to pander to the first MTV generation who refuse to go quietly into the night [and watch VH1*] or kick us to the curb. I wonder when the station that prides itself on relevance will one day become irrelevant. Other thoughts:

  • I guess Jessica Alba is now the "it-girl." I find her rather obnoxious, but I'm not a teenage boy either. A couple of their staged bits were humorous. And whenever they bring out Flavor Flav, it's an instant classic.
  • Here's [still] the verdict on Christina Aguilera: great voice, embarrassing sex pot.
  • Who is Gnarles Barkley? I'll give you a hint: Chumbawamba, Gerardo, and Right Said Fred.
  • If you were curious, T.I. was there, and no one was shot.
  • Jaime Foxx totally ripped on Jessica Simpson's sans Nick-ness and got away with it. Is he becoming untouchable? That's a long way from In Living Color. Speaking of which . . .
  • Jim Carrey won a lifetime achievement award and I realized that the only one of his movies I haven't seen is Me, Myself, And Irene. And that omission was no accident.

Really, this might have been the worst show they've ever done. Or maybe it was the best because I'm really not in their demographic.

*I guess I've almost made the VH1 transition, because I never miss Best Week Ever.