Social Justice and Ohio Gambling

This could get personal, but I must preach what is truthful. Why would people getting signatures for the casino petition not tell people it's about gambling?

Because they know it's not popular with the public.

This is deceptive on two counts:

1) No matter what supporters say, this is all about casinos, not about education. Knowing people will vote for education and not gambling, signature getters are purposely trying to dupe people into signing these petitions by selling the education angle. Nobody wants dumb kids.

2) AND EVEN IF this IS about education, the claims made by the Learn and Earn group are generous to say the least. So even the misleading reason they give for signing the petition is exaggerated and irresponsible.

Sorry I'm getting worked up about this but it's a huge issue. As I said before, I'm not going to use Echo as a means to fight this. But I do have some thoughts on the ways Christian individuals are reacting to this.

It seems to me that the only Christians willing to fight the casinos are the ultra-conservative types; these are the believers who seek to legislate against all kinds of immorality, from abortion to pornography. The majority of these folks live in suburbia and vote Republican [true?].

But living in the city, I'm now coming across more "social-justice Christians" who desire to care and reach out to the poor and oppressed. They're all about fair trade and helping the homeless, trying to reach "the least of these." But I have yet to hear someone from this side say anything against the gambling initiative [if you've heard of any, please let me know].

Now I've never been a big social justice guy, but at least I've respected it. If these Christians are really convinced that the way to administer the gospel is through social causes, then it's time for them to step up; they now have a cause on their very doorstep. A casino in downtown Cincinnati will harm our city's impoverished and take advantage of them. If local "S.J. Christians" don't step up here, then I must declare: they are hypocrites and don't buy into what they're selling.

There, I said it.