Promises, Promises . . .

I'm not a big NBA guy. I usually start watching the play-offs in the conference finals. But I'll admit that I was very interested in the outcome of tonight's Eastern Conference Semifinal between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Detroit Pistons because I wanted to see if Rasheed Wallace was the second coming of Joe Namath. He more resembled the second coming of Joe Schmoe.

Ever since Babe Ruth, Americans have had a fascination with athletes who have "called their shot." Wallace wants to be that kind of guy. He has guaranteed victories before, but never as passionately as this:

"Like I said (Saturday) night, I know we're gonna bust their (expletive) . . . (tonight) is the last game here, in this building (Quicken Loans Arena) this year. Y'all can quote me, put it back-page, front-page, whatever."

Oh, it'll make front-page tomorrow, Sheed. I guarantee it.