Free The Internet

Do you surf the web? I guess so, because you're reading this. Do you email? Of course you do. So be prepared for those services to change right before your very eyes. This wasn't meant to be activist week here at Beit Carr; I'm not trying to get too preachy here. But this is an issue that will transform the internet forever and it's being snuck in right under our noses.

There's a bill before the United States Congress right now to regulate the internet. The legislation, called the Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act [COPE], purposely makes no provision to maintain something called "network neutrality." Yes, it's a bunch of geek talk, so let me try to break it down for you.

Currently, as you use an internet provider [like TimeWarner], they can't regulate the content that comes to your computer. Everything you want to look for comes in at the same speed. This ticks off them off those providers because you're just as likely to check out Echo Church's website as you are to look at a site owned by TimeWarner. Providers want a leg up in making profits, so this bill would allow them to create different venues of web access: a "fast lane" for companies willing to pay the big bucks to get there and a turtle lane for everyone else. So if your favorite website isn't willing to pay for fast lane service, it could take much longer to get there despite the lightening speed of your DSL line.

This bill is all about putting more control of the internet in the hands of major telecommunication companies. Does that sound like what's best for the American people? I would think not.

Do yourself a favor and take a few seconds to visit Fill out the petition to email a letter of concern to your congress person.

Don't say you weren't warned.