What You Need To Know

Didn't stop moving all weekend until this morning when I ran out of quarters. Just in case you wanted to know . . . Friday We were able to get out in the morning and take a walk in Eden Park. Beautiful day. I performed another Mr Mom task, going grocery shopping. I can rock it, as long as Kelly gives me a shopping list. And she did. Mission accomplished.

That night, there was a Mother/Daughter banquet at my parent's church. Kelly and Kaelyn went with my family and I watched my grandfather so my dad could go and help serve. We ate dinner, watched some Walker Texas Ranger [Chuck "Freaking" Norris. Need I say more?], and then the beginning of the Reds' game. When my grandparents moved up from Maysville to live with us in 1988, I would go over to their part of the house and watch the Reds on TV. The year the Reds won the World Series, we watched almost every televised game together, so it was nice to hang out and think of how it used to be.

Saturday I'm actually playing in two soccer leagues right now: one outdoor and one indoor. This week they were both scheduled on the same day, within five hours of each other. I was wondering if I'd do OK, as I'm still not in shape, but I made it through. And I'm starting to get my ball control back, which makes it more enjoyable. I still have yet to score a goal. We tried to get to bed early because of the crazy Sunday to come, but didn't get to sleep until 11:30.

Sunday We were up at 4:00am, packed up the kid and headed down to the Flying Pig Marathon. I was doing the devotion for people interested in "getting some church" before the race. Our church did get a few shout-outs from the podium as they announced the service and somewhere between forty and fifty people showed up. Because it was still dark, and because of the increasing commotion near the starting line, I stood on the concrete base of a light pole. I had to yell at the top of my voice, but it went well. Don't think I'd do it again, though.

So after the race started me, Kel, Kaelyn, Aaron, Dorota, Larry, and Amanda [Aaron's sister] walked up town to have breakfast at First Watch. Downtown was really cool that early in the morning, despite nothing being open. After breakfast I took Kelly and kid at home. Unfortunately, the marathon course winds its way around our house so it was a huge chore to get back to the condo. And the half-marathon course ran right in front of our house, so we had to run through runners to get inside.

Then I went back downtown to volunteer down at the finish line. We were with a group from Cincinnati Christian University and Aaron, Dorota, and I were at the Gatorade station. I've always liked Gatorade, but never realized how sticky it was. I need to wash my shoes because they're shiny and smell like lemon-lime.

Even seeing it first hand, I still have no desire to run a marathon. I saw all the different ages and body types of people who have done it and know I could go the distance. I just have absolutely no desire whatsoever. Maybe in ten years when I'm 40 and I need to prove I still got it but, right now, I'm totally fine being a spectator. But I'll probably be involved somehow in the marathon again next year. It's an amazing spectacle. After all the bad press we've received lately, I was really proud of my city today.

In addition to all this, we still had church last night. Fortunately Aaron was preaching, because I was spent. It was a really good gathering, but I was ready to get home and crash. In bed by 11:00pm, I was done for. It only took me a few seconds to fall asleep.

I have a ton of stuff to get done this week, but I need to find some time to rest. Kelly's at work, so maybe I'll take Kaelyn out for ice cream later. She would like that. Or at least I would.