The Day That Wouldn't End

Saturday was non-stop. I'm almost too tired to type. But for you, faithful reader, I will carry on and make it happen. You can thank me later. Woke up this morning and headed up to Walnut Hills to participate in our local extension of Clean-up Cincinnati. Dale, Jim, Larry and me joined countless others walking the area streets picking up trash. It was great to traverse sidewalks I haven't before, meeting quite a few people. A popular misconception of the city is that the city is cold- that people are unfriendly. I swear I heard, "how you doing?" from more people this morning while walking the streets than when we circled the lake in suburban Landen.

I came home briefly to change my clothes to play soccer in a recreational league. This was an outdoor league to compliment my Friday night indoor league. The team I'm playing with was put together, meaning no one knew each other. I was probably the oldest person on me team but, hey, I have the ever-youthful look. I didn't do too bad. I felt a lot better moving with the ball, and was able to create some good things. Since no one is a keeper on the team, I played the second half between the pipes. I posted a clean sheet [no goals allowed], which ain't bad for 5 feet, 9 inches. It was a beautiful day to be out playing.

Then I came home, showered and we left for Jeff Lyon and Jess Finuf's wedding. This was our second trip to Christ's Church at Mason in the same week, and we had a great time seeing some old friends again. And for those CCMers that we didn't get to see this week, I truly apologize. Who knew it would be so hard to talk to hundreds of people in a few hours? We really love you people.

Anyway, about the wedding. It was beautiful to see Jeff head over heels [literally] for his bride. Loves her so much, he just couldn't stand [for] it. And then there was the reception. Perhaps the craziest, alcohol-free wedding I've ever witnessed. I just wish the DJ had turned the music up a little more; I still have 6% of my hearing left. Highlight of the night: having Dan Blair, Jamie Johnson, and Dale Reeves sweat all over me. Yes, I feel dirty.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure all of Warren County held Kaelyn tonight. That being said, I'm trying to figure out why I was the only one who had to change her diapers. Shout-out to the Handels who made the trip from Iowa to support the happy couple. Dang, we miss them.

Tomorrow won't slow down either as we have another full day ahead. But we're young, and dumb, so bring it on.