Mmmmm, Placenta!

What's happened to Tom Cruise? He used to be the coolest celebrity in the world! Now he's just creepy. I've written about him and Katie Holmes before, so I couldn't let this opportunity slip by. Tom Cruise wants to eat placenta after baby's birth.

OK, so it's already come out that Tom made the statement as a joke during a GQ interview. But if you joke about something like that and some people actually believe it, what does it say about the state of your wackiness?

In the delivery room with Kaelyn, I jokingly asked if they could pack up the placenta for me. All the nurses and doctors chuckled. None of them thought I was seriously seeking a doggie bag.

Of course I didn't demand that my wife remain silent during delivery. Nor did I refuse anesthetics for my wife. Oh, and I didn't advocate that we not bathe the baby and leave her alone that first day. But then again, I'm not a doctor [Oops! Neither was L Ron Hubbard].

Tom Cruise is now a caricature. He will never be taken seriously again.

I wouldn't imagine that A-1 would help it go down any better.