Wha-chu Ben Du-en?

Here's the weekend recap: Friday:

  • Up WAY EARLY to pray the steps.
  • Never took a nap to make up for lost sleep. Well, except when I was driving.
  • Afternoon coffee with Tye [another shout-out to the ingrate]. We crossed the street from MoCa's in Walnut Hills to check out DeSales Catholic Church. It's amazing inside.
  • Kelly needed to make some returns to Target and Kohls, so we packed up the little girl and headed to northern Kentucky.
  • Rocked the Chipotle.
  • Watched the Reds on TV as Aaron Harang had a career game, 1-0 victory over the Cards, Harang hits GWRBI.
  • Watched the lightning go crazy across the sky.


  • Drove to Maysville to meet Kelly's parents and grandparents.
  • Ate at Moyer's Vineyard along the Ohio River in Manchester, Ohio.
  • They head up to West Union for a five-generation photo-shoot [pic to come soon] while I explore my mom's hometown in search of my grandparents farm.
  • Able to locate the farm after nearly twenty years. See that they cut down trees and made additions.
  • Took this artsy picture, reminding myself you can't live life in the rear-view mirror:
  • Returned home with the classic summer drive, left arm sunburn.
  • Spent the evening watching The Ten Commandments. "So let it be written, so let it be done." Charleton Heston is God. Well, at least his burning bush voice.


  • He arose! Not today, but on a day like today.
  • He arose! But the Altima had a flat tire.
  • We visited Christ's Church at Mason on Sunday for the first time since our exodus [little "e". Ten Commandments would be big "e"].
  • Kaelyn got fussy during service [Kelly disagrees and says she was "cute and babbly", so I'm that dad hanging out in the lobby with my kid.
  • Saw tons of people we missed. For some reason they only wanted to see the daughter.
  • Had Easter lunch with my family. Chris gave me a Viagra pen. Ah, the blessing of a brother in the medical field. I guess I should note that the pen had no Viagra in it; it was just a pen with the Viagra logo on it. Just felt the need to clear that up.
  • Came back to the condo and put the spare tire on the Altima.
  • Had a great gathering at Echo tonight. Psalm 22 is an amazing bit of prophesy.
  • Hung out at Don Pablos afterwards. We know some cool people.

And that's all I have to say about that.