What's Going On

A few things to note as we're rocking through this weekend: 1) Last night I got back to playing soccer again. I thought a two-year absence from playing wouldn't be such a big deal in a co-ed over 30 league, but I was way wrong. I was grossly out of shape and sorta embarrassed myself. Great motivation for me to get back in shape, though. By the end of this session, I might get back in the swing of things. I hate to suck.

2) I'm now signed up with a website for engaged couples who need a pastor to officiate their wedding. A lot ministers refuse to do weddings of couples if they're not church attenders, but I figure that if the couple is going to get married anyway, better a minister to help them through the process than a justice of the peace. The website www.weddingpastorsusa.com. We'll see if anything comes from it.

3) Happy Birthday to my nephew Kasey. One day I'll explain to you that you share your birthday with Muhammad. Kaelyn's still a little too young to hang around a bunch of germ infested kids, so we just made a brief appearance at Chuck E. Cheese for the party [I wonder if me and Chuck E. have the same middle name. Also, I wonder if the franchise was the inspiration for the Public Enemy rapper]. It was the same Chuck E. Cheese where I had my eighth birthday party. Looked like fun but, I swear, the band was fake.

4) Masters Weekend is here. The best sporting event ever, as I discussed last year. Plus, I have more than a passing interest in who wins. I check out Lance McAllister's website daily and was able to get a trio of PGA golfers for the chance at a golf gift certificate. One of my three: Chad Campbell, who is currently in the lead. So my interest in this year's Masters is enhanced now that I have something to gain from it.

That'll do for now.