Meet The Neighbors

Skipped out on our prayer meeting tonight [terribly pagan of me, huh?], and headed over to the monthly East Walnut Hills Community Association meeting; I had planned on attending before Kelly was in the hospital, but never got around to it. First, I should note that I don't think we live in East Walnut Hills. My uncertainty was reinforced as I asked around tonight where the border of East Walnut Hills is. I received differing answers. But I do know for certain that the Walnut Hills Church that we rent IS in East Walnut Hills, so we should be involved in what goes on in our community.

The meeting was well worth attending. I got the opportunity to meet some local business people as well as expose Echo to some residents in the community. And it was exciting to hear about some of the things happening in the area. I'm hoping to attend the meeting every month, get our church involved in the neighborhood, and plant some roots.

It was interesting to learn about the new businesses moving in every month. After the meeting, I even stopped by a new coffee place [Cafe Moca] that opened at Woodburn and Madison. They have free wi-fi and good coffee, so I might have a new hang out.

The toughest part of starting this church has been getting into the community. I think the next few months will be huge for us making connections in the community.

I'm really excited about the future.