Cult-Like Status

Every once in awhile I check out my hits on Sitemeter to see how people found my blog. Many readers of Beit Carr are friends and acquaintances who come back frequently, but some find it by random search. The most popular recurring web search is for a post I did a year ago about a sewage problem we were having at our house. So, on certain search engines, when someone enters "Where Does Poop Go," they get this article.

Every once in awhile there's an interesting/unusual search that leads people here, but I found one tonight that made me laugh out loud. The search that someone made was this:

"Is Christ's Church at Mason a cult?"

OK, first, the answer is no. After working there three years of employment there, I can honestly say that. No blood drinking. No secret handshake. No "we love the leader" chants.

Second, I never wrote that CCM is a cult. The Google search grabbed a month were I typed the words "Christ's Church at Mason" and "cult" in different posts. So the phrase was never typed out by me.

Finally, I find this rather humorous because I can't imagine that someone wondering if a certain church was a cult they would go to Google for the answer; like they're expecting an objective news article to pop up as a result.

So just to make a point, and to send future obscure searches my way, here are some Google searches I made so you can see what it came up with. Is Willow Creek a cult? Is Lakewood Church a cult? Is Amway a cult? Is Blogging a cult? Is Culture Club a cult? Is Steve Carr a cult?

"Then you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."