Why We're Here

About six months into this endeavor, Kelly and I have enjoyed living here in the city. We're getting used to the neighborhood and urban living, looking forward to raising our family and ministering in the Walnut Hills community. Yet the news of another fatal shooting in the community wears on me. Especially considering that I was at the gas station just twenty yards from this parking lot twenty minutes before the shooting took place. The good news is that most violence in the area is drug related so, when it comes to our safety, I'm not concerned. But still, it's difficult to teach about the freeing power of Christ in a community where people feel captive to the dangers of daily living.

I'm not sure how long it will take, but I honestly believe that God will be able to use Echo will be able to make a difference. If things continue like this, the next few weeks and months will bring about community meetings and forums to try to solve this problem. We're hoping [praying] that people will realize that Jesus is the solution.