The Shot Clock Is Winding Down

I'll try to make this my last basketball post in awhile, but two quick things: 1) Saturday and Sunday my brackets were bombed. But whose weren't? I picked six of the eight teams remaining only to end up with ZERO in the Final Four. True, George Mason killed me, but now they need to go the distance. If they could win two more games, it'll be one of the most improbable underdog stories in sport's history.

2) Mick Cronin is already doing what he needs to do. Saturday [his second full day on the job] he attened Ohio's Division 3 State Basketball Championship, in which North College Hill was playing. OJ Mayo and Bill Walker, two of the top five national prospects for 2007 play for NCH. They were big Huggins guys, but I'm not too sure they want to go to Kansas. Channel 19 interviewed their AAU coach who said, now that Mick's the guy, that could reopen the UC door.