When It's Over

This is me: sitting in my living room, listening to the Bearcats play on a radio. It's been a long year for us Bearcats fans and having to end it with my team in the NIT with no television coverage pretty much sums up the entire journey. All this plus Jihad Muhammed and James White choosing to end their UC careers in disgrace, most likely for not trying to pass their classes, being declared academically ineligible for the rest of the season. Ah, the blessings of the quarter system; do you realize if this game was played yesterday, with all the other NIT games, they both could've played. Figures.

So long, Eric Hicks. You came a long way. Great UC career. So long, Chadd Moore. We expected a lot more of you than you delivered.

And so long, Andy Kennedy. Apparently you're taking the Ole' Miss job. I'm happy for you. You did an amazing job with this team, handling all the controversy with class. I wish you the best as you move on from here.

And now, we sit at the crossroads.