Freedom Isn't Free

I noted in a previous post my concern the current war on terror, which also seems a war to liberate the world towards democracy, might be creating governments that will not uphold the freedoms we expect here in America. Reinforcing this idea is news out of Afghanistan about a man on trial for his life because he converted from Islam to Christianity. Abdul Rahman could be sentenced to death for his conversion unless he is willing to recant. The trial judge also said Rahman could escape capital punishment if he was ruled insane.

This from a country our military helped to liberate from the fundamentalist Taliban government and where, currently, we still have over 22,000 troops stationed.

Friends, this is unacceptable.

Outrage is an appropriate reaction when our brothers and sisters are facing persecution. And our government is in the situation to do something about this. If our State Department is not willing to step up and do something about this, I would really question the competence of those currently in power.