OK, I've calmed down . . . finally. But I'm sure that, in a few weeks, when the UC Administration gives Andy Kennedy his walking orders, I'll have yet another rant to offer up. But in keeping with my "everything basketball" posts during the past few days, I have to offer up my thoughts on filling out your NCAA brackets. If you're like most people, you spent today scanning over the NCAA brackets which you'll fill out for your office pool. And, chances are, you'll enter more than one pool- giving you the opportunity to fill out more than one bracket.

There's always that one person in your pool who brags how good they're doing. You start to get jealous but then they admit that they've filled out twelve different brackets for twelve different pools.

As a pastor I must advise you that, if you fill out more than one bracket and make different picks in each one, you're a sinner and need to see me about confession.

Listen people, you make your picks and then stick with it. Anyone can fill out multiple brackets and get one good one. But to fill out just one bracket and ride it through, that's what real men do . . . unless you're a woman . . . and then I guess that's what real women do.

So now that you're curious, my Final Four are Villanova, Connecticut, Memphis and West Virginia. UConn over the Mountaineers in the final game.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.