Quick Update

Kaelyn: Doing well. At this rate in her development, I'd say she'd have three weeks or less in the NICU. Kelly's loved spending some upclose time with her. Getting her home will be awesome. She's a beauty! Kelly: Doing better. She had a rough day and a half recovering but his flourished the last 24 hours. Unless something changes, she'll come home tomorrow morning- having spent 16 days in the hospital. I repeat: Getting her home will be awesome. She's a beauty!

Me: Doing crappy. Yesterday morning I felt sick. Had a fever all day yesterday and through the night. I didn't like not being able to see Kel or Kaelyn so I even went to the doctor this morning [very rare for me]. He said it's just a virus and antibiotics would be no help. Told me to rest, fluids, blah, blah, blah. So I've been staying away from the hospital. Thankfully Kelly's parents have stepped up big time, staying at the hospital to help out. This has meant I haven't been able to see the baby. Hopefully I'll be better by Friday so I can see her.